Bicyclincoln Board Meeting 2-26-13

Members present: Andrew Pedley, Corey Godfrey, Damon Hershey, Elisabeth Reinkordt, Berly Brown, Ben Swift, Aaron Chambers


The board is discussing the possibility of organization membership in the future

– need to think of a donor wish list for the organization in order to acquire certain items such as a tent, a banner, etc.

More stickers need to go to the presses, Bicyclincoln headbadges coming some day?

Set a schedule for updating the blog weekly (and it’s working so far!)

In the hunt for the right design/development person to help with the webpage

We have a spiffy Community Contacts spreadsheet with the important contacts in the city for cycling advocacy

Discussing the next Friday Night Bikes for this spring

Lincoln Commuter Challenge is coming again and the planning committee is falling into place

– will have more prizes, larger ridership, and potentially new methods of tracking local trips to help the city monitor where cyclists ride the most

Prairie Fire is looking to run some articles about cycling

Scheming with Damon and Andy before they go off to DC to the National Bike Summit on Monday

– may use DC’s bikeshare program Capital Bikeshare