Wilderness needs your help!


The Lincoln Parks and Recreation budget is in need of restoration in order to keep up with the maintenance of Wilderness Park.  As of now, Wilderness Park is mowed only twice a year.  With the budget restored Parks and Rec would be able to mow it 4 times a year.  It does not seem like much but it would be a considerable improvement for the park and the many Lincoln residents who enjoy everything wilderness has to offer.

Wilderness park is a lush, green home to a variety of plants and animals and offers miles of hiking and biking trails.  Though Lincoln is a small city, it is not difficult for one to feel out of touch with nature and bogged down by the roar of cars and hard pavement.  A stroll on the trails or a leisurely session of bird-watching can be a relaxing activity after a long day. There are few things more enjoyable than taking the afternoon off with the bike and rolling out to the park to explore the single track under a cooling canopy of trees.

Though there are a handful of amazing and dedicated volunteers the work and maintenance Wilderness needs is simply too great to be sustainable by them alone. Please take a moment to contact the Lincoln City Council and Mayor Chris Beutler with this handy Wilderness Letter or a letter of your own. Also note that when you send the letter to each individual City Council member it has more impact than when the letter is sent to the council at large.

For more information on Wilderness Park and its offerings please go to http://friendsofwildernesspark.org/

Southeast District     e-mail: [email protected]

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Southwest District
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Northeast District
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Northwest District
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LEIRION GAYLORD BAIRD      e-mail: [email protected]