National Bike Challenge: End of May Update

Greetings Lincoln cyclists! June is now upon us, which means it’s time to for us to shine the spotlight on our top performers in the National Bike Challenge for May! First things first, how about a giant shout out to the top 5 male and female riders in Lincoln! Check them out below:

Top 5 in May – Male

  1. Randy R. Reed (3,324 points)
  2. Randy Gibson (1,814 points)
  3. David Kosark (1,801 points)
  4. Corey Godfrey (1,740 points)
  5. Brian Hermes (1,590 points)
Top 5 in May – Female

  1. Trena Reed (2,122 points)
  2. Janine Copple (2,066 points)
  3. Isabel Berry (1,721 points)
  4. Maria Goller (1,400 points)
  5. Em Matteson (1,395 points)

Way to go guys and gals, not only are you racking up the points for yourself, but you’re pushing others to log even more miles trying to catch up to you!

Additionally, we’d like to call out everyone who’s logged at least one mile every day so far in the challenge! Keep it up folks, and keep in mind that each day you log at least one mile you get a 20 point boost for yourself (and Lincoln)!

Logged at Least 1 Mile Everyday in May
  • Ann Ringlein
  • Benjamin Mixan
  • Brian Hermes
  • Burklee “Captain Competitive” Green
  • Corey Godfrey
  • David Kosark
  • Derek J. Augustine
  • Dwain Leonhardt
  • Em Matteson
  • Gary Little
  • Isabel Berry
  • James Nobody
  • Janine Copple
  • Jason Cyboron
  • Jeannie Norris
  • Jeff Denniston
  • Jes Slavin
  • Jim DeCamp
  • Johnny Davis
  • Josh Rice
  • Maria Goller
  • Mary Keslar
  • Mick Meter
  • Randy R. Reed
  • Sarah Janiak
  • Sarah Knight
  • Shawn Sanburn
  • Steve Clements
  • Trena Reed

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for our new blog series featuring group rides, races, and bike-oriented events in and around Lincoln entitled Get Out and Ride (GOAR)! GOAR posts will be made every Sunday night, giving you the perfect opportunity to plan your rides for the week to come.

Finally, remember to look for BicycLincoln on Facebook to hear about special promotions and events, and shoot us a message at [email protected] if you have questions about anything cycling related. Remember that every mile counts!