National Bike Challenge: Remember to Log Your June Miles!

Did you know the National Bike Challenge rewards people for riding frequently rather than riding longer distances? The first mile a rider logs each day is worth 21 points (20 points for each day + 1 point for each mile).

Now it’s time to have a very important conversation about MADISON, WISCONSIN. The Badgers are just ahead of us as the #1 cycling city in the challenge, but we have some good news! We crunched some numbers and found out that if we could get 77 more people to ride and log that first mile everyday, Lincoln would close the gap on Madison and finish in 1st Place!

So don’t be afraid of the heat. Go for a short leisurely ride through the park or around your neighborhood. Take your kids! Take a friend! Every mile counts towards our goal!

And remember. . .

Log all your June miles before midnight on Thursday, June 30th!!