Get Out and Ride: Beat Madison Week!

Beat Madison Week!

This week, instead of featured events, I’ve decided to take a moment and call all of you out to “Get Out and Ride/Log” and help us overtake Madison, WI in the National Bike Challenge. We’ve closed the gap over the past few weeks, overtaking them for a day, but now it’s time to shift it into a higher gear and leave them in the dust! Check out the charts and data below showing just how close we are to passing them up for good.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.52.42 AM

As you can see, we made up a lot of ground last month and early this month, and passed them up for a brief moment in time last week (I believe on July 11 to be exact). We were gaining on them rapidly, up until that point, and then I think two things happened. One thing, we kind relaxed a bit and slowed our cadence. And two, Madison noticed we had bridged the gap and kicked it back into gear. The thing is, we’ve been flip flopping on points per day since then, as you can see in the next chart.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 9.55.37 AM

As you can see, after we passed them up on the eleventh, they made a big push to take back the lead and they’ve since held it by roughly 4,000 points. But here’s the kicker folks, we’re leading the challenge in total miles logged! As of this morning, the mileage totals looked like this:

Lincoln, NE: 405,497.6 miles

Madison, WI: 389,767.3 miles

The biggest takeaway from this being that we need more people logging and getting those easy 21 points per day, since our regular loggers are already putting up impressive mileage numbers! So, if you’re one of those that doesn’t log, or you have friends that ride and don’t log, we need you, now more than ever, to start logging those miles and help Lincoln get into first place and win!

This Week’s Calendar:

Monday (July 18)

Tuesday (July 19)

Wednesday (July 20)

Thursday (July 21)

Friday (July 22)

  • No rides scheduled, plan something yourself!

Saturday (July 23)

Sunday (July 24)

Get Out and Ride (GOAR) is an every Sunday blog post that we’ll do our best to consolidate all the bicycling events, rides, and races coming up in the next week into one easy to digest list of details and links with a different featured event each week. The plan will be to update these posts with more events and details as the week goes on, and help get more people in the know about cycling related activities around Lincoln. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with events we may have missed, updates to events we have listed, or future events in the coming weeks.