Zoo Expansion and the Rock Island Trail

Did you know that the Lincoln Children’s Zoo’s expansion plans will likely impact the Rock Island trail?

As part of its planned expansion, the Lincoln Children’s Zoo intends to shift the majority of its parking to two lots south of A Street – one lot on either side of the Rock Island trail, with a total of 400 parking spaces. Based on current plans, the lots would be connected by a driveway, allowing vehicle traffic to circulate in both directions between them.

Rock Island trail traffic would have the right of way at this crossing, with signage, textured pavement, and an elevated trail surface planned to alert drivers in the Zoo lots to the presence of the trail.

Pedestrians walking to the Zoo from the south lot would also be crossing the trail to get to a separate walking path west of the trail. The Lincoln Journal Star reported that the Zoo would like to build pedestrian overpasses over both the Rock Island trail and A Street.

The expected completion date of the parking lots is spring 2017.