Get Out and Ride: September 6 – September 11

Still waiting on baby, so needless to say I’ve been a bit preoccupied and slacking on getting this up this week. My apologies to anyone that missed any of the great rides that happened yesterday, hopefully that baby comes this week and I can get on with any adjustments to my schedule. Regardless, check out the rest of this week’s schedule and GET OUT AND RIDE!

This Week’s Calendar:

Tuesday (September 6)

Wednesday (September 7)

Thursday (September 8)

Friday (September 9)

  • Nothing on the schedule, yet.

Saturday (September 10)

Sunday (September 11)

Get Out and Ride (GOAR) is a Sunday night blog post that we’ll do our best to consolidate all the bicycling events, rides, and races coming up in the next week into one easy to digest list of details and links with a different featured event each week. The plan will be to update these posts with more events and details as the week goes on, and help get more people in the know about cycling related activities around Lincoln. Feel free to email us at [email protected] with events we may have missed, updates to events we have listed, or future events in the coming weeks.