Update on LB1030 via Omaha Bikes

Via Omaha Bikes – LB1030:
We were thrilled to learn that Sen. Tom Hansen from North Platte had introduced a bill in the Nebraska Legislature that would require motorists to give at least 3 feet of space when passing cyclists, pedestrians, and those operating motorized wheelchairs on the road.  An impressive group of cyclists from Omaha and Lincoln came together on February 6 to testify in favor of the bill in front of the Transportation Committee.

The good news:  we learned late this week that the Transportation Committee voted to place this bill on file for consideration of the full legislature.  The bad news: LB1030 has not been tagged as a priority bill.

Wait!  All is not lost!
Sen. Hansen’s office has sent a request to the Speaker and asked that the bill be placed on the consent calendar, as it is not considered controversial.  So, if it makes it there, it could still  be voted on by the legislature. There is nothing we can do to advocate for the bill to be put on the consent agenda, and it can be placed on the agenda as late as the night before the vote.
What we CAN do, however, is recommend that people start contacting their personal senators, asking them to please vote in favor if it makes the consent calendar.  A personal letter is the most effective thing to send.  To find the contact info for your senator, please check here.