Half Way There

We just passed the half way point for the 2013 National Bike Challenge. Right off the bat at the start of the Challenge, May 1st, Lincoln had a strong showing and we are still claiming a strong second place for class one cites, just a few points behind first place Madison WI. We have 1040 registered riders with 867 actively logging miles. Nationally we have a top five rider, two teams in the top fifty, a third place university, and a third place bike shop. Not bad for a “small” heart land of America city.

To celebrate the half way point we are giving away three “Half-Way-There Prizes”! Three of our great local bike shops offered up some fantastic give-a-ways including a commuter package and a full bike tune-up and wash! The three randomly picked winners (and the corresponding bike shop) are:

Kyle Luttgeharm – Cycle Works
Tracy Zayac – Bike Rack Lincoln
Jed Taff – Polkadot Bikes

Congrats! And a BIG thank you to Cycle Works, Bike Rack, and Polkadot Bikes!

It’s still not too late to get signed up for the Challenge or enlist others. We’ll have a End-of-the-Challenge party in Oct. with many more prizes and awards! http://www.endomondo.com/campaign/national/   So get out on your bike, log those miles, and let’s show America what a great biking community Lincoln Nebraska is!

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