Lincoln Winter Bike Challnge


With our top place finish in this year’s National Bike Challenge, we are excited to show how we are not just fair weather riders.

The Lincoln Winter Bike Challenge starts December 1st. and will end February 28th. Rather then create a new site on Endomondo for the Winter Challenge, we are going to use the Lincoln page of the National Bike Challenge. If you are signed up for the National Challenge you are all ready to log your miles in the Lincoln Winter Bike Challenge.  Since we can brake down miles logged by month we felt this would be the easiest way. Also, many riders have continued to log miles on this site long after the National Challenge ended. The same guidelines will apply, all miles on a bike count (sorry, NO “trainer” or “spin” miles). Log miles as commute, sport, mountain, or transportation. But unlike the National Challenge the Winter Challenge is local only, no national prizes.

Lincoln riders are a hardy bunch and we want this challenge to be a fun way to show that. Or maybe this challenge can inspire new cold weather riders. We’ll see you out there and ride on!