Trail Ramblings: The Best Is Yet To Come

Except for some erosion and mud from last week’s rains and the segment of the Rock Island in front of the zoo, Lincoln’s open trails are in good shape and waiting for you.

mud under 84th
Under 84th Street
mopac washout
The perennial mopac washout near 98th

We’ve had such stellar weather lately to go riding I hope no one has had to stay indoors. In my opinion, fall is the best time to ride. Even if the morning chill seems to nip at your hands, it quickly warms and the miles seem to roll by extra fast when it’s not hot, though you can still get a sunburn. (At least I can!) Wear long sleeves and layers if you have to, just get out there. Some people think fall signals the end of riding season for the year, but they may be missing out on the best part.

One true drawback however, is less daylight. When you’re riding early or late in the day, do remember to make yourself extra visible to motorists. Use a good headlight and tail light and reflective clothing. Also, don’t assume motorists are looking for you when you’re crossing the street. When the sun is at a low angle and more in the eyes, it can be even harder to get their attention. Also, leaves on the trail, like water, can make stopping and turning more interesting. (I’ve laid my bike down on that stuff.) When they pile up it can be difficult to even know what the road or trail surface is like beneath, so pay attention.

As long as you take this all into account fall biking should bring relief from the heat and with cooler weather you won’t arrive at your destination a swampy mess. It’s a great reason to get out and get in some extra miles.