Trail Ramblings: What a difference an hour makes!

The trails were busy with users enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend, but what a difference an hour makes. I had not intended to be on the trail after sunset, but what a sunset! Unfortunately, I was on a bike with no lights. I altered my route slightly and met little traffic, but I need to remember to always make sure now that the bike I’m on has lights. Even optical yellow and reflective tape can look gray in low light, so remember those lights.

20151101_173122(1)The better half of this equation is that the morning commute will be brighter, and you may even see the sun rise (though I do enjoy the stars, too).

The fall leaf colors may be past their peak now, but the prairie grasses are full of color and the low angle of the sun makes the feathery seed heads seem to glow when back-lit. Another thing to take notice of on the trails is this year’s crop of black walnuts. To gather if you like to eat them, and to avoid running over. I also heard a fair number of gun shots when out on the Mopac and elsewhere. It is hunting season and I hope none of us resemble a deer or a pheasant. There’s another reason to wear bright colors and have a bright light.