Trail Ramblings: Guilty Pleasures

We know it’s really not supposed to be 70 degrees in early March, but doesn’t it feel good? If you haven’t already been riding this winter, I recommend getting your bike out of storage to take advantage of these beautiful spring-like days. The Mopac still has a few wet spots in the predictable areas between 176th and 164th, marked with a cone, and just east of the tunnel at 136th. The trails have been full of walkers, runners, cyclists, dog walkers, and in the case of the Mopac, horseback riders.


Wilderness Park too had it’s share of users enjoying the spring-like temperatures. There are a few regularly wet places there as well, mainly on the west side.


It’s also time to be doing some spring clean up. The weekend before this last the Friends of Wilderness Park held a trail work day focusing on cutting up invasive cedars that the parks crew had taken down next to the trail. If cut apart and scattered on the ground the wood decomposes much more quickly than it would otherwise. They are hoping to have a monthly work session for park users and volunteers to take part in. I heard they also worked on re-arranging rocks at the northern water crossing on the west side bike trail.

water crossing

You may have seen the city worker busy along the Billy Wolfe in Antelope Park last week, cutting brush along the creek.


Hopefully, repair work will begin soon on the Jamaica North trail.