Trail Ramblings: I Hope You’ve Been Out To Enjoy This.

There was a rumor last week that the Homestead trail was open, as the barricade was down at Roca road to the south, but it seems to be unfounded. The barricades are still up where it crosses Martell road the next mile down. I suspect crews have been on it and have left it open. Mainly, it seems to be bumpy from foot traffic.

homestead barricade
Homestead trail south of Roca Road.

The weather doesn’t get much better than this to get out and ride in. To those of you who still have your bikes in winter storage, why? Sure, we had a little snow in April last year, so what? The trails are busy. The forsythia and daffodils are blooming, the grass is rapidly greening, and there are probably morel mushrooms out there somewhere. Yes, we had a little rain Saturday, but not enough to keep you indoors if you’re prepared for it. I found that my wind vest was all I needed to stay warm with my knickers and jersey Saturday. That and some light weight gloves. Others on the group ride Saturday did get cooler, and seemingly wetter, but for some reason I got it right, which doesn’t always happen. The temptation for me is to overdress, and that means sweating and ending up wet under a jacket as well as over. Remember, as a rule you should be cool for the first 10 minutes, so don’t wear enough to be comfortable at the start of the ride. As long as I’m not commuting in work clothes I really don’t care that I rode in some rain If I don’t get cold from it. If I am in work clothes and it’s raining, I wear a rain cape and try to arrive a little early to dry off.

commuter in cape
This is not me, but you get the idea.

A wind vest will keep me from becoming air chilled, but not sweaty from lack of breathe-ability. I generate enough heat that if I don’t sit around mid-ride too long in these temperatures I’m fine. Part of this is likely due to being used to it however, and if riding in rain and cooler weather is new to you don’t get scared off. You just have to find out what works for you.