Trail Ramblings: A New Trail Will Soon Be In The Mix.

I have been watching the new trail under 56th St. south of Old Cheney take shape this past month. It’s nearly finished, though I don’t know when the official opening will be. As to exactly where it eventually leads, that is a little more of a mystery.

New trail Underpass

I believe it’s supposed to go under Pine Lake and on into the new development to the south. I’m glad to see they may also be thinking about doing something about the large gaps between the curb and sidewalk/trail in the vicinity of 56th and Old Cheney, as I see a few cones on the sidepath now.

curb gap
Old Cheney south of Highway 2

Anyone who rides that connection between segments of the Old Cheney trail and/or the Boosalis trail know that you really don’t want to get too close to the curb, as there’s a gap of about 4 inches, big enough for even a fat bike to get wedged into!

You can find other info on trail construction at: I couldn’t find anything on this new trail, or others that I know will be going in such as the one east of 33rd St. connecting to the bridge across the wetlands north of Superior and east of North Star High School. I actually rode around that area for a while earlier this spring trying to find how to get to the bridge before I realized there was no connection built yet.

I haven’t heard anything new on the Jamaica North yet, either. It’s maintenance is under Parks and Rec, not the NRD. Parts of the single track in Wilderness Park have been mowed, but others have not.



There has been robust growth of grasses along the park trails in many areas. Most of the mud from the last rains has dried up on the east side, but I got into one big mud hole accidentally across 14th just before the Jamaica on the east/west connector trail as it was obscured by said tall grass. I had to power on through since I really didn’t want to put my feet down in it at that point. I expect some areas are not mowed because the Jamaica itself is not open there, though much of the single track is.


The Homestead trail is in fine shape, but there are some face slappers and overgrowth crowding onto the trail in areas. You may have noticed the ripping out and industrial strength weed whacking of thickets to the sides of the Homestead and Mopac trails in some areas earlier this spring. Some even thought there had been a fire. That work helps, but does not totally prevent this overgrowth.

So if you’re a heat hater like I am, you’ll be keeping to the shady trails and single track when possible. Just remember your insect repellent.

3 thoughts on “Trail Ramblings: A New Trail Will Soon Be In The Mix.

  1. Bill Dinger

    I’d have to dig this up but when I used to live at 36th @ yankee hill I saw the city’s plan was extending tierra williamsburg all the way to yankee hill (they’ve had the money for this for like 10 years but….) extending existing yankee hill trail – which ends at 40th – all the way to 56th and then the 56th trail would link up between Yankee Hill and Highway 2.

    Years out, considering Yankee hill between 40th and 56th is still county not city.

    Oh, and they were also talking about rail 2 trailing the railroad that runs along highway 2 and (eventually) all the way to Neb city. It’s currently owned by OPPD as a hedge — they don’t want to be come solely dependent on their coal from either UP or BNSF. When that happens the railroad tends to jack up the prices through the roof. So, that rail corridor isnt used at all but kept solely for contingency. here’s hoping they let it go when their lease is up in 2020.

    • Janine Copple Post author

      Thanks for the history Bill. I know that plans change, we’ll see what happens.

  2. Tim Brown

    Thanks for the update, will give me some more city trails to add to my riding. I still think northeast Lincoln is getting shorted though. I can’t believe the trail from 84th by Mahoney (city) park east is still gravel, the least the parks department could do is pound that down some, it’s like riding on the beach. On a more positive note, I’m loving the new lights under Capital Parkway!


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