City Council 2017 Candidates: Deb Andrews

Do you support the Complete Streets initiative for Lincoln? If so, to what degree do you prioritize the development of Complete Streets and the improvement of Lincoln’s bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure?

I think it is a great idea but should come after prioritizing Lincoln citizen services as described below.
I have been advised there is not enough available funding for:
  • StarTran to operate on Sundays or holidays
  • Plowing residential areas when main streets are plowed
  • Park maintenance
In addition, the Fremont Costco chicken plant which will process over 300,000 chickens a day will have its lagoons in the flood plain, upstream from our well-water field, and no environmental impact study was required.
That is the health and wellness of Lincoln IGNORED.
I think it is vital to have the study done and if the chicken plant endangers our water supply, the Lincoln city council should proceed to stop the project.
Thank you for your question.