BicycLincoln #ShoutOut for January 2019

If January gave us anything, it was variety. With temperatures ranging from a high of 60 degrees F (Jan 5) to a low of -9F (Jan 30), commuters really had to think through their apparel. Many did and BICYCLINCOLN tops the NATIONAL chart for the most commute days! Great job, Lincoln!!!!

Group of bicycle riders, some dressed as santas, wait to cross a street in the dark.

December #ShoutOut

Lincoln’s riders didn’t slow down in December. Jamie Granquist and John Green were our top commuters and we currently sit 3rd in the 150-400K resident communities rankings.  As a state, we …

November #ShoutOut

The standings were shaken up in November with Sarah Knight slipping to fourth and Ryan Patrick moving from sixth to first in the Top Commuter rankings. In the “Most Trips” category, Maria Goller held her spot, but Paul Gebers charged from eighth in October to second in November. In terms of most miles, both the women’s and men’s categories were shuffled.

October #ShoutOut

Way to keep riding after the challenge Lincoln & Nebraska! Each month we’ll be recognizing riders and groups in Lincoln and across the state in the following categories.  If you know any of these folks, congratulate ’em for their October efforts!

Photo of Randy Gibson

Rest in peace, Randy Gibson

On Saturday, September 23, Randy Gibson was killed by a motorist, who was driving while under the influence. At the time of the crash, Randy was en route to meet …

Terrance Strong visiting Lincoln

Torrence Strong, League of American Bicyclists board member, is touring the country in connection with the National Bike Challenge and working towards bicycle friendliness everywhere. Meet him tonight Method Cycles …