December #ShoutOut

With group rides like the Cycle Works Holiday Lights ride, it’s no wonder Lincoln is making a national showing in the LoveToRide rankings despite the cold temperatures. 
Photo by Rob Evans. 

Lincoln’s riders didn’t slow down in December. Jamie Granquist and John Green were our top commuters and we currently sit 3rd in the 150-400K resident communities rankings.  As a state, we have more miles and riders than any other state in our category (2 million) or the next category larger (2-4 million residents). 

Finally, as a group, BicycLincoln leads the nation in most commute days (31) and is 3rd in the “most rides” category.  Even better, three Lincoln groups (BicycLincoln, Goldenrod Pastries, and Great Plains Trail Network) are in the top 20 for “most commute days.”

Top Commuters (Most days riding to work)

1stJamie Granquist25131
2ndJohn Green20226
3rdSarah Knight13525
4thPhillip Rudebusch23319
5thJon Karas13319
6thGreg Rosenboom13718
7thDerek J. Augustine13718
8thMichael Francavilla3318
9thSteven Perkins16817
10thRobb Finegan10817

Top Riders (Most trips)

1stSarah Knight30266
2ndJohn Green20261
3rdPaul Gebers14955
4thGreg Rosenboom27053
5thMaria Goller9552
6thRobb Finegan1,13651
7thDerek J. Augustine15748
8thJon Karas39546
9thJamie Granquist25146
10thRoy Rivera45941

Top Female Rider (Most Miles)

1stCat Eastman50711
2ndAshley Miller36224
3rdAnn Parr31420
4thSarah Knight30266
5thRhonda Wright25117
6thJamie Granquist25146
7thCarolyn Collier21711
8thDiAnn White18511
9thTeresa Kuper16915
10thsydney brown16641

Top Male Rider (Most Miles)

1stRobb Finegan1,13651
2ndRaymond Anderson62921
3rdJohn J. De Tuerk53622
4thCorey Godfrey52525
5th4 Cyclin51328
6thPhillip Rudebusch49631
7thMichael Dixon47330
8thRoy Rivera45941
9thJon Karas39546
10thJosh Shear36927

Top Female New Rider

1stMeray Kim3.12

Top Male New Rider

1stBrian Osorio7.01
2ndNick Klimek3.71

150-400k Residents Category

Santa Barbara County1,88329,125167
Shasta County1,43824,616228
New Orleans2,06618,652127

2m Residents States Category

District of Columbia1,0479,72065
Rhode Island2283,79618

Most Commute Days – National Ranking

2ndPub Pedalers49831
3rdSan Jose Bike Party1,11027
4thBike Commuter Cabal84427
5thChipotle Riders28126
6thZoos and Aquariums47425
7thWest Seattle Bike Connections95623
8thHenry Street Pirates85721
9thGoldenrod Pastries Cycling55221
11thUS-Department of Transportation-Club46319
13thSocial Cycling Austin30619
14thUS-Department of Energy-Club58818
15thHNTB Corporation28118
16thPrairie Riders13818
17thGreat Plains Trails Network13718
18thSpunky Riders31217
20thRide September26017

Most Commute Days – Local

2ndPub Pedalers49831
3rdChipotle Riders28126
4thGoldenrod Pastries Cycling53421
5thGreat Plains Trails Network13718

Most Rides – Local

2ndGoldenrod Pastries Cycling170
3rdPub Pedalers121
4thChipotle Riders104
5thGreat Plains Trails Network53
6thJust sayin11
7thTrail Riders5
8th3M Little Rockers5
9thZoetis Lincoln1
10thBattle Axe1

Most Miles – Local

2ndPub Pedalers1,149
3rdGoldenrod Pastries Cycling1,117
4thChipotle Riders977
5thGreat Plains Trails Network270
6thJust sayin226
7thTrail Riders62
8th3M Little Rockers51
9thBattle Axe20
10thZoetis Lincoln20