Trail Ramblings: International Winter Bike To Work (Or School) Day Is February 14.

OK, Sundsvall Sweden May be #1 in riders signed up for International Winter Bike To Work Day, but North America follows up with # 2 Denver, #3 Calgary, #4 Boulder, and #5 Victoria. You may think warmer places would prevail, like Atlanta or the Bay Area, but no. It’s the snow belt that dominates, though Arlington, Virginia is making a push. Bicycle Colorado has a number of events scheduled and they’re going to have a good time no matter the weather. Their Department Of Transportation is a supporter and even provides a FAQ page at You can come up with all sorts of theories for this snow belt interest. Maybe it’s a mindset, that we are members of a special tribe that has discovered the secret joys of winter cycling. Whatever it is, it shows in the fact that the vast majority of participants will be riding in the cold and snow. Repeat after me: There is no bad weather, only bad clothing (and I would add, bad tires). It’s fun to take a look at the participating cities on the world leaderboard. You can sign up at, or follow the link on their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Chuck Cooper

The festivities here in Lincoln will warm you up while giving you a caffeinated and sugar-fueled ride to work or class. The list so far is as follows:
The Hub, 250 N. 21st St, in Union Plaza, is offering a free coffee or cookie each for bicycle commuters and their sweethearts from 7:30 to 2:30. You can also come unaccompanied.
Also, Cultiva Labs, 2510 Randolph, is offering a free in-house or to-go small coffee to riders from 7:00 to 2:00.
Finally, BikeLNK is offering free coffee and donuts from 7:30 to 9:00 at their headquarters right off the N St. Cycletrack at Antelope Valley Parkway. No need to lock up, just roll on in. There are even to-go options if you have to rush off.
If you know of another business excited to support International Winter Bike To Work (Or School) Day in some way, send us a message and we’ll pass it along at bicyclincoln.