Trail Ramblings: Lincoln Loves To Ride.

It may be the strangest year yet for the National Bike Challenge, but Lincolnites and Nebraskans are forging ahead with some winning numbers. Some rule changes still have us up in the air. We’re trying for a Lincoln Community page, but it is no longer free. That’s why we asked people to join the challenge under bicyclincoln’s group designation, but Great Plains Bicycling Club is also doing quite well in the rankings under groups, as are a couple of Omaha clubs.

Check out for more categories. We’re in the top 10 in nearly all.

As for People For Bikes cities rankings, Lincoln came in at 42, with a 2.8 of 5. For a full explanation of their criteria, or if you just like to geek out on bike statistics, go to Places For Bikes, Here is a little of what you’ll find.

Nearly all cycling events have been cancelled, but a few have decided that they’re small enough and have taken precautions or changed the format enough to give the green light. The S.W.I.G.G. is next weekend in Iowa, and the Lazy Horse Gravel Grind July 11. A couple of others have taken place, with some shorter distances and riders leaving in waves, etc.

I don’t think we’re going to see massing at events like this for a while.

Most people seem to have found a way to ride without large group rides, going out alone or with small groups of people. We know more about the virus now and that it’s relatively less of a threat in the open air, but that it seems to be largely spread by airborne particles, especially when forcefully expelled. The amount of time and amount of virus exposure is critical. No one is immune, but younger people tend to carry it without showing symptoms as much, passing it to the rest of us. If you’ve ridden past the Railyard recently, you’ve seen masses of younger people not practicing social distancing, and not wearing masks. They say that if everyone would wear one and distance themselves as recommended, the virus would cease to transmit in a month. Instead it looks like it’s going to drag on for quite a while, with flare-ups as more places re-open.