Trail Ramblings: Have You Ridden It Yet?

The dedication ceremony planned for the GPTN Connector Sunday was a casualty of COVID 19, but the virus couldn’t keep the bridge closed. In spite of the wind, people flooded to cross it after word got out that it was open early. Lynn Johnson, director of Lincoln Parks and Recreation was tasked with recording an announcement to announce the historic event. Copy and click to see it here:

Finishing up the approach Monday.

I know quite a few of you made your way over there during the weekend to ride across it. If you haven’t been following Great Plains Trail Network, I encourage you to do so. Their Trail-A-Thon is still going on, that’s a challenge to cover all 78 miles of Lincoln trails by foot or bike. They also recently had a scavenger hunt on the trails, (Did you see the blue rocks?) and they’re a recipient of the Open Harvest Seed Program, which is funding new projects.

Van Dorn Park Singletrack

Speaking of seeds and projects, Project: Singletrack @VDP has a gofundme drive going on for pollinator and prairie plants along the new singletrack in Van Dorn Park. Native plantings would be a win/win. The Indian Village Neighborhood Association is also helping, along with local businesses like Relish, to fundraise for a water fountain for humans and dogs. The park had been largely ignored, cut off from the neighborhood by busy 9th and 10th streets until being recently developed by volunteers into singletrack, and is a bit sparse. Access is great by bike via tunnel under Van Dorn street from the North. Visit the FaceBook site to learn more. (Thanks for your leadership with this Delan!)

The bridge connects The Rock Island Trail to the Jamaica now, but what about the other end of the bridge (danger bridge)? Some users are adamant about leaving it alone, but I once heard that a long-term plan may eventually include extension of trail for neighborhood access from the other side of the park (across Highway 77).

The coming week’s weather forecast looks good, so there’s no reason not to get out and ride. If the wind does kick up again, remember, trees buffer it so you can still enjoy a ride in Wilderness Park, Van Dorn Park, another mountain bike park, or along a protected part of the trail if it gets to be too much for you.