Trail Ramblings: Are You An Advocate For Biking?

Here in our own corner of the Midwest, riding our wonderful trails and roads, it can be easy to forget about what riding elsewhere is like. That is, unless you’re connected to the broader network of cycling advocates and enthusiasts. Our trail system is better than most, yet not as good as some. Maybe you see news from The League Of American Cyclists, People For Bikes, Rails to Trails, and other organizations promoting active transportation and complete streets. Maybe you’d really like to see us do more for transportation equity. Or perhaps you hear about, and have ridden some of, those awesome mountain bike parks in other localities and wonder how we could get more of those here. If you’re someone who cares about and would like to do something more to make Lincoln an even better place to ride, send in an application for board membership to bicyclincoln by 11-23-20.

The underpass is complete, we’re just waiting for the rest of the trail. Under Pine Lake around 64th St., if I recall correctly. Our trail system is always growing.

We’re looking for a diverse mix of people with useful talents to help us further our goal of getting more people to bike, and bike more often. This happens as biking gets more friendly, safe, easy, and accepted in Lincoln. If we build it they will come, but we also have to grow our own. Want to see more bike-friendly businesses, or restaurant drive-throughs that serve people on bikes? (Yes, please) Do you want us to help empower underserved communities by working to lower barriers to greater bicycle usage? These are all ways to make biking better in Lincoln, but it takes work. If you don’t think you want board membership but want to be involved, we are always looking for people to serve on various sub-committees.

Van Dorn Park. Photo Credit: Craig Schmidt

Bikes won in this election, at the local, regional, and federal level, with voters passing trails and active transportation initiatives around the country, and the president-elect promoting installing infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists as part of his clean energy plan. The future looks brighter for keeping new riders riding, and the rest of us pushing (and riding) the wave forward.

It looks like it’s going to be a great week for bicycle commuting, and just riding in general, except for a bit of wind. Just remember your lights and your mask, and some gloves.