Trail Ramblings: What Does Being A Bicycle Friendly Business Mean?

If you keep up with the programs developed by the League of American Cyclists, you know that they have have a program, and awards, to promote bicycle friendly businesses. But what does that mean? It’s for employers to encourage their employees to to bicycle to work.

I work all over the city, but in the last year I’ve mainly been at one site, which currently has ongoing construction and a torn-up parking lot. Various employees have expressed their interest in biking to work, partially as a way to avoid the current parking difficulties. One said she’d do it if there were showers. (there are) They need only a little work-place nudge to start. What can we do to help them?

What can we do to help nudge? This is from the League’s website:
Becoming a BFB benefits your bottom line while also enhancing quality of life in your community. What can you gain by becoming bicycle friendly?
Recruitment: attract and retain the best and brightest
Increase morale and quality of life for employees
Foster a sense of community and camaraderie in workplace
Enhance health and wellness benefits, and reduce costs on healthcare
Catalyze a more alert, active, productive workforce
Reduce absenteeism
Showcase social responsibility, a commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental footprint
Support and expand reliable, consistent transportation, particularly for employees in urban areas
Create a culture of wellness
Cut transportation spending by company, individual and community
Support long-term health benefits, both physical and mental
What businesses do to support their employees is listed as well. Support includes showers, secure parking, cash incentives, and even a guaranteed ride home

In a similar vein, what about bicycle friendly destinations? On the day of the Winter Bike To Work Challenge, I was a couple of blocks from home and a cyclist came out from between some apartment buildings to flag me down. He had a flat and asked me if I had a pump. I am sorry to say that I did not have one that day. I should have. The air compressor at the nearby gas station was not working, apparently because of the exceptional cold. What should bicycle friendly destinations provide? We do have some listed on the Bicyclincoln website. They should provide a pump and some basic tools. they may provide a discount if you biked there. What would you like to see in a bicycle friendly business or destination? Let us know.