Trail Ramblings: Board Member Spotlight- Corey Godfrey

Bicycles have been a big part of my life since I was a kid.  Growing up in a small town in Ohio where the streets were relatively quiet with little traffic, bicycles provided freedom, adventure, and community with my friends.  Once my friends and I were able to ride, our bikes dramatically expanded our world beyond our neighborhood.  My friends and I would often ride down to the creek (we call it “crick” in Northeastern Ohio) and hunt crayfish.  Or we’d ride for lunch to the seasonally operated White Turkey burger and soda fountain for root beer floats and hotdogs.  Occasionally we’d ride to the edge of our known world in order expand it further while pushing the limits of our endurance.  My bike was also my primary mode of transportation to visit friends or ride to baseball practice.  But like most kids, after getting a driver’s license, a car became my primary mode of transportation. 

Photo credit: Pirate cycling League. Aye Captain.

Fortunately, in College, I rediscovered my love for the bicycle.  Getting across campus on my roommate’s bike rekindled a passion for the freedom, adventure, and community with friends that the bike provided me as a kid.  The twenty-minute walk across campus was now only a five-minute ride.  It took a few years until I finally bought my own bike and by then I knew that bicycles could also shape the world into a better place.  Less people in cars means cleaner air, less fossil fuel consumption, and healthier and happier communities.  Bikes have the power to do so much good and that has become more relevant now as our planet warms. 

After college and after getting fulltime job, I was able to save for more bicycles and start racing events across the country.  Some of my favorite places to ride are on new recreational trails in towns and cities across the country. 

Corey enjoying some of the finest riding in the Midwest.

I’ve ridden a lot of places in my life and believe Lincoln is a truly special place.  The trail system was the initial attraction that led me to move to Nebraska.  When I came for a job interview, I was amazed at how many trails were in the city.  In fact, it was inspiring.  It inspired me to get involved in this community and give back. 

Bike packing in an adventure of a lifetime.

Spreading the joy of cycling has been a focus of mine for the past two decades.  As an Exercise Physiologist, I’ve been trained to use exercise as medicine.  As a concerned citizen, I encourage folks to get out of their cars and on to bikes for transportation. 

I’m fortunate to work with a passionate and dedicated team at BicycLincoln and the Great Plains Trails Network to help ensure we have a safe and thriving cycling community and infrastructure.