Trail Ramblings: Let’s Celebrate!

While it’s true that the National Bike Challenge has changed this year, we can still recognize what makes Lincoln such a great city for bicycling: the cyclists! There may not be city rankings for us to cheer, but we can cheer our accomplishments. First, as far as national rankings, we have the nation’s #1 cyclist in miles, Lincoln’s own Robb Finnegan. Congratulations, Robb!

Interestingly, we also have the identity-shy James Nobody ranked #9 nationally in number of trips. Maybe he will come out of the shadows one day. If we have more local celebrities I’ve missed, let us know.

Locally, here’s how it shook out for Cycle September.

As far as the rest of the categories, here they are regionally. If I’m correct, the Chipotle Riders ride out of Norfolk.

Please join us October 6th for our annual End of Season Party to help celebrate another amazing summer of cycling in Lincoln! Festivities will include an awards ceremony for top male and female riders, free raffle prizes from local businesses, Pepe’s delicious plant based food, and Zipline’s award winning beer!
If you want to ride to the End Of Challenge party, you can. There are more bicycle-friendly routes than taking West “O” St., which I don’t recommend. If you take the Salt Creek Levee trail, or come by side path from the Haymarket, you can take West “P” Street either crossing Sun Valley at the light, it there’s a lot of traffic, or at “P”, then continue on to it’s end. Next, cross “O” at the light and continue up “O” along the sidewalk for a few blocks until you turn left on West Coddington, then right on Magnum Circle. You could avoid “O” entirely it looks by going north to “Q” then back south on NW 20th, where there is, I believe, a light close by to cross “O”.
You can now take the Levee Trail straight through under the tracks at “J”, no more nasty tunnels and pot-holes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have safe routes?

And finally, here’s a route taking the levee trail from the north, and “Q” street.