Trail Ramblings: The Results Are In!

For the individual results of the Lincoln Bike Challenge, come to our Biketober Fling on October 13 from 6-8 at the Jayne Snyder Trails Center, or look it up on Love To Ride. Meanwhile, to see how the Bicyclincoln group did for Cycle September against other groups in the country, here they are. The Love to Ride site can’t give us the top group results for the whole length of the Challenge because it involves more than 10 million data points. Details, details. You can see we held up pretty well nationally among groups, well done Lincolnites! Your rides continue to be recorded if you sync, so keep up the good work. Cycling has no season that I can see.

You can see we range from first to sixth among the top ten in all categories throughout Cycle September. Results filtering only Nebraska show that there are other groups out there in Omaha, Norfolk, Bellevue and beyond, and that’s great to see. Nebraska needs all the riders out there to show up and help us get out of the state rankings basement in terms of state-wide bicycle infrastructure support.