Trail Ramblings: Bike Week!

For a more complete list of bike week activities refer to the blog post of two weeks ago.
It looks like we’ll have nearly perfect weather for riding all bike week. I hope many of you got to ride to work today and stop by an energizer station or the Telegraph Mill location for coffee or juice. Some who used to bike commute to work now work from home. So what can you do? try doing your other errands by bike. With proper cargo capabilities such as panniers, trailer, or even a cargo bike, it’s quite doable.

Tuesday is still bike to work week. I’ve always felt bike commuting is it’s own reward.

Wednesday is the Ride Of Silence. Meet at The Jayne Snyder Trails Center at 7:00 PM. We will silently roll through downtown then stop at the Capitol to read names.

Last Thursday evening the Tour de Quadrant had a good turnout. We rode the Dietrich/ Murdock trail out to 112th. This week features the Southwest Quadrant. Meet at the Jayne Snyder Trails Center at 6:00 Thursday.

Friday from 5-7 meet back at the Jayne on for music, food and drinks and to celebrate bikes!

Saturday is Great Plains Bicycling Club’s Spring Fling, Eagle to Louisville.

Sunday, the Prairie to Prairie Run-Bike-Run event from Pioneer’s Park to Spring Creek Prairie.

Are you wondering about what else is going on? Check out the following bike week discounts from local businesses.

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